Traffic Initiatives of the Venue

As soon as the 2021 concert season ended, plans started to address traffic flow on site and in the area. The goal remains to have traffic run as smoothly as possible on concert nights in spite of the growing traffic issues every evening in the area.

Some of the design goals are:

Getting people off Lewisburg faster

Plans are underway to double the capacity and thereby double the speed of getting cars off Lewisburg.

There will be almost a mile of road from Lewisburg to the entrance of the amphitheater which should be completed near the beginning of the 2022 Season, making it a three-lane road. Today, North-bound or South-bound traffic has to be stopped to allow the other direction’s traffic to turn. With the new lane, south-bound and north-bound traffic on Lewisburg to each exit Lewisburg into their own lane. There will be one lane going the opposite direction for local traffic. Adding an additional lane should get cars off Lewisburg in approximately half the time it currently takes.

On exit, this pattern will be reversed so there will be two exit lanes.

Status of this project:

  • Paid for by the venue. No town or county tax dollars are being used.
  • Approvals being sought from Thompson’s Station, Williamson County & the state
  • Survey work is completed
  • Road design work has begun
  • Construction to begin in early 2022

Getting people into and out of the parking fields faster

An additional lane was added to our internal exit road – so now there will be 4 lanes into and out of the parking fields.

On entry, there will be two lanes each flowing into the parking fields from the North entrance and the Southern entrance can also be used to get cars into the parking fields faster.

On exit, each of the 4 parking fields will have their own lane to use to exit that will merge when they get to the highway service road where the North exit traffic will use one lane toward Lewisburg and the South exit traffic will use the other lane toward Lewisburg.

Improving Signage to let you know when there could be traffic delays

Highway Signage
Six highway signs have been installed on 840, 840 exits and Lewisburg. ALL of these signs direct people to stay on the main roads and not into private roads, back roads and adjacent neighborhoods for entry to the venue, which will continue to be the venue messaging in an attempt to combat GPS programs leading people through nearby neighborhoods and private roads. The venue is also working with mapping companies to mark private drives that show up as roads online as off route and not usable as the venue is made aware of them.

Lewisburg Traffic Sign
The venue requested a temporary “Expect Delays” warning sign ahead of concerts in 2021 which was not granted. For the 2022 season, this request is looking likely to be approved, but watch our website and social media for the concert schedule as well.

Highway 65 Venue Monument Sign
An LED sign to alert about concert days ahead of time was requested and denied by the town sign committee. The sign is instead static and will have minimal messaging about upcoming shows but should help in alerting people of the location of the venue. If an LED sign is approved in the future, the venue would be able to alert passers-by on highway 65 of upcoming shows for their planning purposes.

Encouraging people to arrive earlier to stagger arrival

The venue encourages guest to arrive early - It’s the best experience for a shorter drive time, less traffic and easy parking. New in the 2022 season the venue is building a Tailgater Concession in the parking fields that will be serving Happy Hour with great good and drinks with our special culinary style. The parking fields open at noon on a concert day so there’s plenty of time to arrive early and enjoy some food and hang out.

Upgrading parking management in the parking fields

It been a goal of the venue to deliver the best parking experience by teaming up with companies who are experts at this and that manage traffic for large events across the middle Tennessee area.

In the 2022 season the venue will partner with the most capable company who’ll help deliver this goal.

The venue will also hire a Parking Manager who will report to the Venue Operations Director and will oversee and work closely with our third-party parking company to consistently implement best practices in entry and exit of the venue and will be out in the parking fields on day of show. He’ll also be the central point of contact for collecting ongoing improvement ideas.

Getting people home faster

In the Short term – Lewisburg intersection improvements
An acceleration lane will be added on the West side of Lewisburg between Harpeth School Road North turn and the Highway 65 overpass. This will allow the two exit lanes to turn north in parallel then zipper merge on Lewisburg heading north. The left turn lane heading South on Lewisburg is open and a great option for people heading to Thompson’s Station and Spring Hill or Murfreesboro, Antioch or Smyrna.

A little longer term – The 2023 Buckner Road/Highway 65 Exit
Coming mid-season 2023 the new Buckner Interchange at Highway 65 will be complete. Once this highway interchange project is finished, people will be able to exit the property faster than ever before. From the Intersection of Harpeth School Road and Lewisburg, heading North or South, Highway 65 is equally 3 miles away. Since the distance is approximately the same, if exit cars in the Southern exit lane are directed South to the Buckner interchange and cars in the Northern lane are directed toward 840 this will result the overall fastest exit from property.

Continued presence of emergency service

Safety is and will always be a priority.

Emergencies in the area
Emergency services are prepared and skilled at getting where they need to be even in heave traffic. All emergency response departments across the country are on high alert on a show day and have plans to get to neighbors in the event of an emergency. Additionally, the venue has a direct radio connection with County 911 dispatch service and is notified ahead of time if emergency services are headed in the direction of the venue where police traffic directors can proactively stop traffic to allow fast access for any emergency response vehicle.

Emergencies at the venue
Even when traffic is heavy when entering or exiting emergency services are available onsite to assist when needed. All emergency services have contributed to the approved our plans and are in constant contact with the venue during concert season and have regular calls and meetings. The venue has Vanderbilt LifeFlight, medics and an ambulance on site. Fire and police departments are on site, on area roads, and are intimately involved in every event that happens at the venue. The venue also has a direct radio connection with County 911 dispatch service so that all emergency services are in direct contact for the entire event.