Introducing FirstBank Amphitheater, a world-class boutique amphitheater nestled within a beautiful, wooded, natural stone and park-like setting. Located at the Graystone Quarry in Thompson’s Station at the southern border of Franklin, Tennessee.

This is one of the most unique venues you’ll find anywhere. Although located just off three of the busiest highways South of Nashville, this is no city venue.

This venue is located at the back of 140 acres with natural landscape features and in a reclaimed rock quarry rich in local history. From all nearby roads you won’t see an amphitheater – what you will see are abundant green spaces including ponds, trees, fields, and wildlife – essentially all the natural beauty of outdoor Tennessee. 

You’ll find the amphitheater lovingly and carefully placed within the natural landscape including the parking fields and meadows, the surrounding forest trees, and the lazy path that rises and leads you back into the rock quarry. In this natural space, wildlife including deer, coyote, groundhogs, turkey, herons, fox, raccoon, fish, and the occasional bald eagle still enjoy the quarry when no one is here. 

Spending time in nature means being prepared to walk a little and wear comfortable clothes (leave the fancy shoes at home). When you get here, you’ll be directed to park your car in the meadow grass parking fields. When you enter the main gates, the rest of your walk will be on paved surfaces and even though we’ve made the ¼ mile walk that rises into the quarry as easy and accessible as possible it can still feel like a long walk for some patrons. 

Even though you can’t park right next to the front door we hope you’ll agree that the natural beauty of the place makes the walk an enjoyable journey.